Meet Ci 3.0

We’ve kept a little quiet in the past few months but we think you’ll be excited to learn about the major enhancements and exciting new apps we’ve been working on for you. This April, Ci is launching four, yes four, new apps that expand beyond desktop experiences, a whole new way to gather files and collaborate in Ci, localization support and exciting enhancements to live streams. Check out what we’ve been working on.

File Commenting in Workspace

Collaboration is core to the Ci platform. VideoReview and ImageReview are amazing apps that allow powerful collaboration with team members and external parties. But now, we’re thrilled to introduce a new, faster way to share feedback and collaborate on files in Ci! 

The all-new file commenting features enable Workspace members to share file-based comments directly from the file preview experience. Members can follow comments to be alerted when other Workspace members add new comments or replies. On videos, comments are tied to a time-code and comment works on live streams too! Workspace members can mark comments as ‘resolved’ when feedback is addressed. Check out this user guide to learn how file commenting works.

Ci Workflow for EDL-based workflow automation

Ci Workflow app logo

The latest addition to our family of media focused apps is Ci Workflow. This brand new automation app is a culmination of Ci’s secure access models, scalable fast processing and seamless collaboration features. Rather than transferring or copying files from one system to another, or waiting on a intermediate facility to deliver outputs, Ci Workflow empowers post-production teams to automate time-consuming media processes such as VFX pulls and conforms by simply uploading an EDL to kick-off a workflow in Ci. Learn more about the Ci Workflow app and how it can help your production workflows

Clipping Enhancements [Coming May 2022]

Big enhancements are coming to Ci’s Clipping tool.

First, we’ll be offering several render profiles predefined for the most popular social media outputs. Ci users can also choose to fit or fill the aspect ratio of the output video and even select a background color if a pillar or letter box is needed. Lastly, we’re thrilled to announce that users will be able to add fade-in and fade-out and select fade-in/out colors, too. Stay tuned for more updates on our clipping improvements!

Ci Mobile apps on iOS and Android [Coming April 2022]

In April, an all new mobile app “Ci: View & Share Media” will be available for free on the App store and for the first time on the Google Play store. These mobile apps enable Ci users to search and browse files in their Ci Workspaces with preview experiences optimized for smaller screens. (Note: Catalog content is not supported yet but coming soon!) Users can also view received MediaBox files, share files stored in Ci via MediaBoxes, and manage sent MediaBoxes.

tvOS app for screening at home

The Ci: MediaBox Screener app is Ci’s brand new tvOS app built for screening MediaBox content on larger screens with Apple TV 4K. It’s the perfect lean back experience to help you feel what your audience would feel in the comfort of their own home. 

Login with a valid Ci account is required to use this app. MediaBox senders will need to include your email address when sending the MediaBox link.

Ci is now available in Japanese

Ci is now fully supported in Japanese. With the localization of Ci in Japanese, even more teams and companies can use Ci to manage and collaborate on media content in the language they prefer. To learn more about Ci in Japanese, visit our Japanese marketing site or check out our translated Support Site. 日本語でのお問い合わせはこちらにお願い致します

Live Stream Enhancements

Ci has supported live streams for a few years, and it was time for upgrades. Here’s what’s new with Ci’s live stream support: 

Share live streams via MediaBox – By popular request, Ci users can share streams in a MediaBox while the stream is still live. 

Thumbnail preview and filmstrips: Also by request, preview thumbnails are now available in the Workspace folder view, file preview, and MediaBox. The cherry on top is that we threw in a preview filmstrip which will be available in the Clipping tool as well as our MediaLog app. 

Accelerated processing: A new optimized ingest process means that we can generate MP4 proxies from ended live streams six times faster ⚡ than our old ingest process. 

Camera-Connect-Cloud (C3) Portal to Ci

Sony’s new Camera-Connect-Cloud Portal, or C3 Portal, has a new mobile app that can connect directly to select Sony cameras, enabling automated or manual file transfers. Files can be uploaded to C3 Portal or Ci and configuration couldn’t be easier. Simply enter a Ci File Request code into the app and files are auto-magically transferred from the camera to Ci. Camera-to-cloud has never been easier! Click here to learn more about Sony’s C3 Portal.

Ci Team at NAB 2022

Interested in seeing these new apps and features or have questions? You can come meet the Ci team at the Sony booth (#C10901) Sunday through Wednesday and thrilled to Ci (‘see’) you all again in-person!

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