Enhance Your Video Workflow with Ci’s Powerful Clipping Tool

We’re back with even more powerful clipping capabilities! It’s been some time since we first posted about Ci’s new clipping tool and we’ve made some notable improvements to it. 

Ci has let users create subclips with our RoughCut app since our service started. In 2019, we enabled users to create clips directly from the preview player and export to a standard mp4 format or your own custom defined formats.  

Interested in custom clip renders? Contact our customer success team to define your own output profiles today! 

Ci allows users to create clips in the player but there’s now so much more. Let’s break it down.

Jump right in!

When you click ‘Create Clip,” the clipping experience opens a new modal window where you can easily adjust the time range by moving the blue handles. Clip duration is also displayed, and you can ‘Preview Clip’ to check your clip in real-time. 

Live Clipping

Ci’s clipping tool support live streams which means you can clip and share captivating moments in real-time! Instantly create highlights and render shareable clips. quickly and efficiently generate high-quality clips from live-streamed content.

Social Media Profiles

Render videos for social media platforms with ease using Ci’s social media render profiles. Pre-defined templates, video cropping, fill-in colors for letter and pillar-boxing, fade-in/out transitions, and a revamped preview player help you churn out social content faster.

Frame-accurate Mark-in/outs

Scrub the video filmstrip along the timeline to preview thumbnails to select your ‘in’ and ‘out’ frames. In the playback controls, the ‘Go to mark in’ and ‘Go to mark out’ options let you easily preview the mark-in/out points, while the new ‘Set as Mark In’ and ‘Set as Mark out’ options allow you to quickly update the mark-in and mark-out according to where your playhead is located.  

Create clips from archives and Catalog

Ci now support clipping in Catalog and clipping archived files. For archived files, go through the normal clipping process and Ci will automatically restore your file. Once the file is restored and the clip is generated, Ci will automatically re-archive your file! 

Create multiple clips

Our Clipping tool will remember your last clip settings, including the export or save location, allowing you to quickly create numerous clips from the same file. Clips will also have a postfix (i.e. clip_001.mp4, _002.mp4, and so on) by default for easier clip management.  

And for those who love hotkeys…

  • Mark In: I
  • Mark Out: O
  • Play/Pause: Spacebar
  • Pause: K
  • Fast forward: L

Hello, Smarter Workflow!

Need a clip prepared for social media? No problem. Want to download a small portion of the footage instead of the whole file? Check! Ci’s Clipping tool enables a world of workflow efficiencies.

Here are just a few examples of how this new feature can supercharge your daily routine:

  1. Empower social media teams to grab only what they need without slowing down your production or tech ops team.
  2. Save download time (and reduce expense) by only downloading the segments of the footage you need.
  3. Archive EVERYTHING in the cloud. Then, achieve a powerful partial restore process by combining Ci’s expedited restore functionality (which restores archived content in less than 5 minutes) with Clipping. This winning duo will enable your media organization to always respond quickly while staying on budget.
  4. Transcode to your heart’s content. No need for transcoding farms or additional services – Ci can create the formats you need. Ci can even do same-as-source clipping for certain professional formats which means your files will be ready in a jiffy.
  5. Send specific reference files to your vendors and colleagues. Let Ci create the file in the right format and burn in specific watermarks just for them.

Let us know how you might use it.  We love hearing your feedback!

For a step-by-step guide on how to create clips in Ci, check out our clipping user guide.  

Did you know that every location your content gets copied to is another location that needs to be secured?  Don’t forget to tell your favorite security champion how you’re protecting the company by using Ci to limit the number of stops along your workflow journey!

Stay on top of Ci product updates!

Improvements, bug fixes, and new features are released to Ci all the time. Be sure to check out our Product updates log to stay on top of the latest updates.

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