The first thing that catches your eye in today’s release is the change in layout but this update also includes powerful new functionality. Read the full list of product updates here.

Streamlined Navigation

The new Navigation panel is a quick and easy way for you to get around in Ci. It allows you to quickly hop to Ci’s major functions like Search and MediaBox management from a menu that is always accessible. This also is an opportunity for us to introduce the brand new File Request management page.

From top to bottom: Top Navigation / Dashboard, Global Search, Folders, Favorites, Recently Added, Trash, MediaBoxes, Worksessions, File Requests, Account Settings, Help, Collapse Filter/Local navigation panel.

Filters and Folders and Finders!

On the right of the global navigation panel is our secondary filtration panel. This area transforms as you journey through Ci. It is super flexible and can be fully hidden or resized in case you need to see longer folder names.

On the Dashboard

The new Filter panel on the Dashboard makes finding Workspaces quick and easy. Use the checkboxes to filter your Workspaces by Company Network or type in the search bar to look for Workspaces by name.

In Workspace

Once you’re inside a Workspace, this filter panel transforms into your folder navigation (aka folder tree). To make sure you don’t get lost in complex folder structures, we make it really clear which folder you’re viewing.

In Search

The panel takes a slightly different form when you launch into global search, MediaBox, WorkSession, and File Request management. On these pages, the panel lets you refine search by various criteria. Learn more about updates to our search functionality.  

Filter panel on Dashboard, Workspace, and Search

Are Spaces the same as Workspaces? 

No. ‘Space’ is a new term for how we group Workspaces in Ci and will play an important role in the evolution of our service. We’re introducing Spaces now to lay the foundation for exciting changes coming very soon to Ci!

Personalize Your Ci Experience

Light or Dark, the choice is yours

We understand that work environments change so we are giving you the power to choose the viewing mode you prefer. Ci now supports the ability for users to switch between light mode (for when you’re at the coffee shop) or dark mode (when you’re back in the windowless editing room). Also, we know some of you might just prefer one mode over the other. Go to your Account Settings menu to choose your mode.

Choose your own thumbnails 

Inside Workspaces, you can choose how you want your thumbnail previews to be displayed. Choose from three thumbnail sizes to see more thumbnails on-screen or preview larger. You can also choose to ‘Fill Thumbnail’ for a more uniform look or ‘Maintain Aspect Ratio’ which keeps the files true dimensions and is useful if you have files in varying dimensions or orientation.

Make your own list view

Sometimes a table view of files is easier to find files which is why Ci now offers customizable list views. Let’s say you want to sort by Last Activity, the new Manage Fields tool allows you to drag the field to the top so the Last Activity column appears next to the Filename. The columns can then be sorted by clicking on the column titles. For Company Network customers with custom metadata templates, you can also add the custom metadata fields into sortable columns. Learn more about custom metadata templates and contact our Customer Success to add metadata templates to your Company Network. 

Action Bar

The Action Bar at the top of the content preview area allows you to take quick action on items you select. Whether you select a file, folder, or MediaBox, the Action bar will show you all of the actions that are available in the selected items in blue.

Next to the blue highlighted Action bar area, you’ll find more general viewing and action buttons (like thumbnail preview options). These options can vary by context. For example, on the MediaBox management page, you’ll see ‘Create MediaBox’ whereas ‘Add New’ is displayed when you’re browsing a Workspace folder.

PRO TIP: Avid mouse-clickers rejoice! All options in the Action Bar are also available on the right-click menu. 

Super Search Spree

Introducing MediaBox, Worksession and File Request Search

Have you looked for an expired MediaBox, gave up, and created a new MediaBox with the same content? Yeah, us too. Instead of adding searchable MediaBoxes, Ci is unleashing search functionality across MediaBox AND Worksessions AND File Requests. 

Here’s how search works for each management page. 

  • Search Mediaboxes by MediaBox title, notes, creator and recipients
  • Search Worksessions by Worksession title
  • Search File Requests by File Request title

New Search Screen and Metadata Search 

In Workspace, metadata search is now easier with the new search window. Go to the Search Options tab to search multiple custom metadata fields or Recent Searches to return to your search history.

Search in List View and Export to CSV

We’re introducing List View to search results! Like other areas in Ci, columns in search results can be customized and sorted to help you find stuff faster.

For even more flexibility in sorting, you can now export the search results to a CSV file! Reports are sent directly to the email address you use to log into your Ci account. To export to CSV, launch a search, make sure you’re in List view, then click ‘Export search results as CSV’ icon next to the Search Tips icon. 

Other updates

  • Archived files now have a blue archive icon next to the filename. Temporarily restored files are marked with a green restored icon. 
  • To help you find relevant content in Ci faster, we now enable sorting by Last Activity. Sorting by Last Activity as well as any sort by date defaults to placing stuff with the most recent activity to the top. 
  • To quickly copy files to another folder, press Ctrl + drag and drop to the target folder
  • You can now collapse (hide) the context panel on the right to expand your content preview area
  • When uploading a file to Ci, you can now hover over info (i) icon next to the colored label (i.e. ‘uploading’, ‘processing’) to get more details on the status of the file(s)
  • Action bar and navigation improvements for mobile browsers

We’re waiting for your feedback

The new Ci experience is designed to help you get to your content in Ci easier so you can get your work done faster. If you find that features in our classic Ci UI worked better than the new Ci experience we ask that you please share your feedback with us


Yoshie Fujita
Marketing Communications Specialist for Ci (pronounced “see”) at Sony Electronics.