Review New File Versions with Ci WorkSession

Add New Files to a WorkSession

If you use WorkSessions for a review-and-approve workflow, handling new versions is now easier than ever. Whether you’re using ImageReview or VideoReview, WorkSession owners can now add new files to an existing WorkSession. Simply click the + to open the file picker and select new files to add.

Add a file to an existing WorkSession

Remove Files from a WorkSession

Cleaning up files (or older versions) from a Worksession is just a mouse-click away. Simply hover on the file you want to remove and click the red X button. To make sure WorkSession participants don’t accidentally add or remove new files, only WorkSession Owners are allowed to add and remove files.

Remove files from a WorkSession

Reduce Noise with Improved Notifications

WorkSession NotificationsIf your inbox is bursting with email notifications for every time a new member or comment is added to an ImageReview or VideoReview WorkSession, we’ve enabled an opt-out feature. You can opt out of these notifications by selecting “Don’t notify me” in the drop-down menu.

PRO-TIP: If you have dozens of WorkSessions piling up, check out our “Complete” feature to filter out only the Active WorkSessions.

WorkSessions + Versions + Notifications = SWEET COLLABORATION

With this WorkSession improvement, your review and approve workflow is easier than ever! Simply add new versions of images and videos into your existing WorkSession to keep notes and feedback in one place. Need to bring in someone new? New members will be able to view all discussions in the WorkSession so they can jump right in.


Archive Solutions in the Cloud

cloudarchive-dark smallIf you’re a Ci fan and don’t need frequent access to your source content but still value immediate access to your proxies, archiving with Ci is the logical step in ensuring your content is backed up and accessible while lowering your overhead. From automated uploads with Ci API to index-ready metadata tags to immediate collaboration on restored assets, Ci is ready to offer you the archive solutions that you need. Learn more about Ci’s Archive Solutions here.

Got petabytes? Bring it on!

Looking to bulk upload your content to the cloud? To date, Ci customers have successfully uploaded hundreds of terabytes of their most valuable content into Ci using the AWS Snowball service. Contact us to let us know what your archive needs are.

Player’s Gonna Play

If you haven’t noticed the changes to our Pro Player, you haven’t been paying attention. Ci’s new pro player was designed for review and QC workflows in mind. Upgraded with frame by frame navigation, 3-second skip, timecode toggle and an all-new “Set as thumbnail” button. Stay tuned as this new player lays the foundation for some killer new features!

All new Ci Pro Player

That’s all for today. Whether you like or love the updates, let us know here. We want to hear from you!

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Marketing Communications Specialist for Ci (pronounced “see”) at Sony Electronics.