Upload Files and Folders Faster*

Upload Folders (and Their Sub-Folders!) with Aspera

Add Item - Upload Folder with AsperaWhen transferring a large number of files, having the flexibility to prioritize specific files over others and the power to pause or resume transfers is critical in managing operations. Ci has understood and supported this via seamless integration with Aspera since our inception. We’re excited to announce that we’ve extended this capability to support uploading entire folder structures. Now you can upload whole folders including their sub-folders into Ci Workspace and Ci will automatically re-create the folders for you.

To start uploading folders, simply select “+Add Item” and then select “Folder Upload w/ Aspera” in the drop-down menu.

Check out our Ci User Guide* for step-by-step instructions on how to upload folders with Aspera.
* Note: You must be logged into your Ci account to view this article.

How you can start using folder upload today:
  • From memory cards and hard drives: Offload card or drive contents without manually re-creating folder structures in Ci
  • From media management systems: Skip the zip! Avoid the hassle of zipping and unzipping files from your current file management system

External Contributors Upload Folders Too

Remote or external contributors can also take advantage of the new folder upload feature when uploading using Ci File Request. Be sure to tell all your file contributors about this folder upload feature. But first, let them know that they must have the Aspera Connect application installed and running when they initiate the upload. The latest Aspera plugin can be downloaded here.

Upload Folders with Ci File Request

Similar to our standard File Request uploads, the Requestor and Contributor will be notified when uploads are completed.

PRO-TIP: The beauty of Aspera is the power to maximize your network to complete uploads as efficiently and quickly as possible. Let your file contributors know that Aspera defaults to 20 Mbps but transfer speeds can be manually adjusted to make the most of your bandwidth. To adjust transfer speeds, just open the Aspera Connect Transfers window and click the heartbeat icon in the upload progress bar and drag the caret up or down. For best results, don’t set it higher than your current network bandwidth.

Aspera Transfer Monitor

High-speed Aspera transfer is only available for Team Workspaces and Company Network customers. For File Requests, the destination Workspace must be a Team Workspace but the file contributor does not need to have a Team Workspace account to use Aspera (simply install the application). Upgrade your Ci Workspace account today to add this must-have feature to your account or contact our Customer Support team for more information.

More Ci UI / UX Clean-Up

  • Stacked on-screen alerts: Alerts for actions like files added, renamed, or trashed have gotten an upgrade. We’ve shifted them to the right and made them stackable so they don’t impede your browser space.
  • Improved list-view and sorting: We disabled case-sensitivity on sorting so Networks and Workspaces are all listed in alphabetical order.
  • Improved shift-select to select a range of files: Previously, you had to select the file names so updated to select anywhere in the file thumbnail or row.
  • …and more UX updates and bug fixes to improve your Ci experience.


Yoshie Okada
Marketing Communications Specialist for Ci (pronounced “see”) at Sony Electronics.