Team Workspaces Launched

Evolved Tools for The Creative & Collaborative Economy: Ci Team Workspaces Launched

Since launching Ci at IBC in 2013, interest in what we’re doing has not only piqued within Sony, but from a broad market user base.  Your interest and feedback has fueled us. You’ve validated our initial offering as well as helped us confidently build a new kind of product for participants of the new creative and collaborative economy.

Who are the participants of this new creative and collaborative economy? Historically, it’s those who always had great ideas, but were frustrated they could not execute them due to limited access to both opportunities and resources (people, tools, equipment and technology).  In this new creative and collaborative economy — we all have equal access and opportunity to execute our ideas. Today’s creative professionals are in an unprecedented era where expression of ideas is more possible than ever and can be done cheaper & faster.

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of Team Workspaces – a new offering that provides you with the ability to create a studio in the cloud for you and your team of artists to collect, develop, and review media regardless of geo-location.  We understand that teams come in all sizes and have different needs so we’ve created small, medium, and large team plans.  (Of course we can also help customize a tailored workspace for your team too.)

All new and existing fans now get a Dashboard view where you can see all workspaces you own or are connected with.  We believe it’s important to be able to keep your personal workspace separate and distinct from your team workspaces. Think of it as your personal hard-drive in the cloud that you get to keep forever and follows you as you get invited and connected into other people’s workspaces.  As a former freelance designer myself, it was important for me to have my own incubation chamber to develop an idea before testing it for reaction & feedback with a larger audience. No one starts collaborating immediately against a blank sheet of paper, because sometimes sharing an idea too soon can kill it.  Use your personal workspace to seed and develop the idea until you’re ready to share it with your team or client.

These capabilities provide a platform to connect a global, diverse, and agile network of creative professionals who are often juggling many projects and frequently moving between personal and work contexts. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement emerged in response to this progressive work model.  Ci with Team Workspaces has been designed with this new working environment in mind.

With this launch, we’re now ready to focus our efforts on tackling your feedback.

Thanks for being part of the evolution of Ci.  The journey is just beginning.