Four ways Ci can help your team when working from home

The way that people work has shifted dramatically in the past few weeks, teams are adopting new ways to communicate, connect, and operate remotely. The need to share and work with rich, complex professional media has never been greater. Here are some real-world problems that Ci can help solve right now.

“I need a central location to allow my remote teams to access content that is as secure as my facility”

How Ci can help:

  • Security
  • Remote access
  • Remote contribution

Ci provides end-to-end encryption, burned in watermarking and is ISO 27001 certified.  The world’s largest media organizations use Ci for sensitive content. Learn more about security at Ci here

Ci allows content to be uploaded from a web browser anywhere without the need for any VPN. Alerts and notifications will ensure that you don’t miss any content coming into your Workspace. Once the content is uploaded, members of the Workspace can preview, share or download the content from a web browser.

We make remote content collection from external users easy with our File Request feature. File Request allows you to collect files from anybody by simply sharing a link.  You can even set-up required metadata fields to be provided by the contributor.

File Request enables external contributors to upload directly to your Workspace

“I need to get feedback on content from multiple people in real-time that I can easily action”

How Ci can help:

  • Collaboration apps

For video, Ci’s VideoReview app allows live and real-time commenting and annotation with synchronized playback from anywhere. Comments and replies are threaded so you can easily see the ‘dialogue’ between members. Editors can export comments as an annotated PDF or as XML to be imported into NLEs. 

Use Live Pen to point things out on-frame during LiveSessions

Ci’s ImageReview app allows the same live and real-time comment and notes on images and artwork.

Some of my team has slow internet connection”

How Ci can help: 

  • Built-in Aspera
  • Web-accessible previews 

Ci has Aspera built-in for upload and download to maximize user’s bandwidth. This also enables folder upload and download so you can retain folder structures. You can also send content from Ci directly to existing Aspera servers.  

Ci’s adaptive streaming means members can playback content even if their bandwidth is limited. This means that the content can be accessed across devices including tablets and mobile too. 

Send web-ready previews via MediaBoxes

“I can’t get to my transcode servers! I need to convert content into different formats to support additional workflows”

How Ci can help: 

  • Automated transcoding and QC

Ci supports automated transcoding into virtually any format. Whether you need a proxy for a specific audio configuration or a 2K resolution thumbnail, Ci can generate the files and make it available to your team automatically. Automated QC is also available. 

“But I need this immediately!” 

How Ci can help: 

  • No installation. No deployment. 

Our Customer Success team is ready and waiting. We can set up a fully provisioned Ci account for you in minutes.

Helping bring people, professional tools and content together in a secure environment is at the core of our service. If you are trying to solve workflow issues please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, Ci is here to help. 

Visit Pro.Sony for a comprehensive overview of Sony Professional Solutions that enable working remotely.

– The Ci Team

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Updated: Apr 24, 2020