PARAMUS, NJ — May 21, 2019 — Sony Electronics Inc., through its Intelligent Media Services business, and SnapStream today announced direct integration between Sony’s Ci Media Cloud platform and SnapStream’s flagship TV recording, search, clipping, monitoring and compliance product.

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This new integration enables SnapStream users to seamlessly send TV clips from SnapStream directly to Ci Workspace where it is instantly available for collaboration and sharing workflows. Key metadata captured in SnapStream is also pushed into Ci to allow seamless searching across both applications. Sony’s Ci Media Cloud is a media collaboration and content sharing platform that automates professional media tasks like transcoding, Auto-QC and Speech-to-Text transcription. It is a key feature of Sony’s Intelligent Media Services, which provide workflow efficiencies that support interoperability, provide automation, enhance collaboration and empower global distribution.

“The SnapStream and Ci Integration is a terrific win for our team,” said Rob Hedrick, director of broadcast operations and supervising producer for the National Hot Rod Association. “The ability to clip material from SnapStream and have it readily available in our Ci cloud library to be used in post-production really streamlines our workflow. The NHRA moves faster than any other sport in the world and being able to acquire material at the same speed is incredibly valuable for our content team.”

“This is a direct result of listening to our collective customer base,” said Theresa Alesso, Pro division president, Sony Electronics. “Ci Workspace is all about professional media collaboration. With this integration, collaboration now extends beyond our product to let our customers work the way they need to using the tools they love.”

“When several SnapStream customers asked us to add support for Sony Ci Media Cloud, we got on the task,” explained Rakesh Agrawal, CEO of SnapStream Media. “Sony made it easy to build the integration, providing clear documentation and timely developer support. And now that the Sony Ci – SnapStream integration is shipping, we’ve made the daily TV clipping workflows of Sony Ci and SnapStream users more seamless and effortless.”

About SnapStream
SnapStream is a Houston-based software company that writes software for TV workflows for hundreds of organizations worldwide. SnapStream is used to record TV, search TV, create TV clips, post TV clips to Twitter and Facebook and to monitor TV for compliance. SnapStream’s customers include organizations like CBS, The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, Samantha Bee and the U.S. Senate.

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