New Sony PSA Offering: Managed Media Distribution Center

Read the press releaseBuilt on the Ci platform, this all-new enterprise-level Sony Professional Solutions Americas (PSA) service is built for broadcasters. Upload your content to a centralized location in the cloud once and the service will transcode, QC, monitor, track analytics, and automatically deliver content based on program schedules. Contact us to learn more about the Managed Media Distribution Center offering.

Global Search

2017-10-19 Dashboard Global Search

Search in and across all of your Team Workspaces. For Ci experts who are members of multiple Networks you, can also search globally across Company Networks. Search by file name, folder name, and Workspace name and quickly jump back into your projects by looking up your most recent searches.

Live Workspace Activity Stream

Stop, don’t click that refresh button! From new uploads to new members to MediaBox activity, the upgraded activity stream now automatically updates activities related to your Team Workspace on the fly.

DID YOU KNOW? You can quickly jump into files, MediaBoxes or WorkSessions by simply clicking on the link in the Workspace Activity stream.

Dashboard Greeting

2017-10-19 Dashboard GreetingTo infuse a bit of our Ci personality and to remind you when you need to come up for fresh air, we added a new time-of-day greeting on our dashboard. Let us know what you think!

yoshiepudding-01Yoshie Okada

Marketing Communications Specialist for Ci (pronounced “see”) at Sony Electronics.