Come Ci (see) Us at NAB Show 2016!

If you’re headed to NAB 2016, come by the Sony booth to get a demo of Ci’s fully-loaded Company Network account complete with new BETA features, upgrades and integration with Sony workflows. But if you can’t come to Vegas, here’s a snippet of the latest features that just went live!


Sony Ci File RequestsCi’s all new File Requests enable guests and contributors to send large files directly to a designated folder within your Team Workspace. Streamline your acquisition workflow by collecting video footage, photos, and original files from vendors with ease – no file is too large.

Create a File Request in three easy steps:

Step 1) Enter the Workspace you want the files to be uploaded to and click on File Requests NEW under the Search bar (or click + Add Item button and select New File Request.)

Step 2) Fill in your File Request Goal, select a folder, and click on New File Request.

Step 3) Copy the File Request link to publish or fill in email addresses for Ci to send an email for you. Once the upload is complete you’ll receive a “Delivery complete” email.

PRO-TIP: If you’re running a contest or a film festival, File Requests is perfect for collecting submissions. Fill in the contest rules as the File Request Goal and set an expiration as your submission deadline. You can even add your File Request to your email signature to collect submissions with every email you send!


We just enabled add and remove files functionality to our MediaBoxes. This means you can go back to a sent MediaBox and edit the contents with updated files.

To edit your sent MediaBox files, go to Sent MediaBoxes (from the dropdown menu) and select your MediaBox to edit. Click Edit in the right context panel, then select + Add Files to add new files. To remove files from the MediaBox, go to Show Content and select the X to the right of the file name.


SGLSGL Ci Integration Announcement at NAB, a leading provider of content archive and storage management software for media and entertainment, is announcing its support for Ci at NAB 2016. The integration between SGL FlashNet and Ci enables broadcasters and content owners to quickly and securely transfer material directly to the cloud from their MAM system via SGL FlashNet, providing redundant cloud storage, disaster recovery options and the ability to access content from anywhere.

To learn more about our partnership with SGL, read the full press release here.


Sony NAB Show 2016If you’re heading to NAB, come visit the Sony booth #C11001 in Central Hall to check out the latest Ci release. Whether you’re a loyal Ci Workspace fan or an enterprise-level Company Network, we’ve added powerful new features and updates that we can’t wait to show you.

This year we won’t have a designated Ci area because we’re featured all over the Sony booth since we’re now integrated into multiple Sony workflows. But in order to see all the upgrades and BETA features, you’ll need to find Ci specialist at the Media Enterprise area (behind the stage) or XAVC workflows area (across from News Production).

More info on Sony’s lineup at NAB can be found here.