Leaving Las Vegas is never easy, but this year the Ci Team left NAB with a sense of gratification. With an estimated 93,000 content creators and over 1,500 exhibitors from the digital media and entertainment industries, NAB proved to be the ideal venue for us to show off everything new and cool about Ci. The sheer volume of attendees coupled with the launch of our new Team functionality made life at the Ci booth (located in the Sony section of Hall C) anything but boring. From our immensely popular Live Session with The Weather Channel to being showcased alongside the likes of YouTube, Avid, and Adobe as leaders in the content-creation-in-the-cloud race, it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come in just one year’s time.

During the Show, Ci highlighted the efficiency, cost effectiveness, and real-time collaboration being achieved by cloud workflows at studios like Sony Pictures and independent production companies like Honey House Films. Global accessibility as well as the convenience and control made possible by Teams, an exciting new functionality for Ci Workspace, is being enjoyed by more and more people everyday. As the cloud transforms nearly every business process involved in the production and distribution of video content, the growing community of Ci users and enterprise customers offers results that people are recognizing – and showcases the dramatically improved workflows that are taking even more pain out of traditional workflows. Those who attended the Live Session with the Weather Channel were able to learn more about these workflow game changers, ask questions about our product, and even had an opportunity to win a Sony camera!

Similarly, NAB demonstrated that cloud-related workflows are gaining immense traction and that more people are acknowledging the benefits. At the Media Management in the Cloud session, our president Naomi Climer spoke about this traction along with other top executives from YouTube, Avid, and Adobe. All panelists detailed how the cloud helps us communicate, allows us to search the Internet wherever we are, and even bring us television and email. Soon, one will be hard pressed to find a place that is “offline.” Connecting the world and connecting each other – those are the benefits of the cloud.

Now that we have left Las Vegas (winners of course), life here at Sony Media Cloud Services has continued to be exciting. With more and more users signing up everyday, it’s safe to say NAB was a success! It was great to spend time with so many of our friends and colleagues, whether in demos or just hanging out at the booth. We always love to hear how you’re using Ci and show you what’s new. If you missed us at the show, you can always keep up with all the latest Ci news by following our blog or our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you next year!