Make Ci fit into your enterprise flow

Ci is built to meet the specialized requirements of enterprise level media companies who are also looking to leverage all the benefits of the cloud. Yes, we offer professional-grade collaboration apps with our Ci WorkSessions. But, did you know that Ci’s functionality goes way beyond our awesome collaboration?

Ci’s Company Network gives you access to unlimited Team Workspaces, Analytics for monitoring usage and spending, as well as custom branding on MediaBoxes. If your company has already invested in a global in-house asset management solutions, you can leverage our REST API or software development kit (SDK) to simply extend these tools to the cloud with our Ci API. This is just a snapshot of what’s currently available with Ci.

Now, here’s a sneak preview of some of the updates Ci is getting ready to launch for enterprise users this summer:

  1. Custom branded login page with your custom logo accessible through your own sub-domain (example:

    Custom Branded Enterprise Login to Ci

    Custom Branded Enterprise Login Screen Sample

  2. Enterprise single sign-on (SSO) using Okta for better end-user adoption and improved security
  3. Updated Workspace layout and improved aesthetics to help your users focus and get stuff done faster

…and stay tuned for many more updates coming soon!

Our goal is to make Ci a tool that’s a great fit for your business needs and your clients love to use. Learn more about Ci’s Company Network plans here or contact us to find out how Ci can fit into your media workflow.