Find What You’re Looking For Instantly with Faceted Search

To complement Ci’s global search, enabling you to search across multiple Team Workspaces, we’re thrilled to introduce the all-new faceted search. Faceted search allows you to dive deeper into folder structures or come up higher to the Company Network level depending on the scope of your search. Simply select or deselect the search facet buttons to filter your search results. With the release of faceted search, all files are tagged with Company Network, Team Workspace, and folder location as well as filetype (video, image, audio, and other). Now it is easier than ever to find the content you’re looking for.

Filter search results to dive deeper using search facets

2017-12-10 Faceted Search_Dive into Workspace folders.gif

Deselect facets to search wider across Team Workspaces

2017-10-17 Faceted Search across Networks.gif

Work Faster by Previewing Documents In the Browser

Ci excels in video files but we realize it takes all kinds of file types to make the media world go round. Ci now supports preview of non-video documents including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. All of these documents can be viewed in the browser, without downloading the file as a PDF so you can be sure you’re sharing or downloading the correct file instantly.


An Offering for Media Enterprises

You started as a team. You grew into a company. And now you are an all-powerful media enterprise. Luckily, Ci has a plan to offer support every step of the way. Our new Enterprise plan offering allows large organizations to create unlimited Company Networks to provide their organizations with the flexibility to work the way they need to while maintaining their own unique identities and having their own Company Network Administrators. Enterprise customers also benefit from significant usage discounts that make Ci even more compelling as adoption grows. Contact us here if you’re interested in learning more about Ci’s Enterprise offering.

Tuning and Tweaking

Show and Hide Navigation and Context Panel

We’re constantly updating Ci to enhance our performance like improvements to bulk trash and delete (yes, we recognize purging is important too!). We also added this little caret to enable hiding and showing of the context panel to expand the preview panel so you can see nearly double the number of thumbnails in one view. Let us know what you think or what other features you would like to see in the future here.

yoshiepudding-01Yoshie Okada

Marketing Communications Specialist for Ci (pronounced “see”) at Sony Electronics.