This year at IBC, we’re thrilled to preview a brand-new audio and video logging tool, MediaLog. Live event logging, catalog enrichment, quality control (QC) and brand compliance workflows have never looked this good! The only way you can check out this new app is to visit us at the Sony booth (13.A10) so be sure to stop by for an exclusive sneak preview.

Introducing Ci MediaLog

Ci’s mesmerizing metadata capabilities help you add pertinent information to your files to empower you to find exactly what you need when searching across your Ci Workspaces. To take things up a notch, we’re excited to announce MediaLog, the newest addition to the Ci family that we’ll be releasing very soon. MediaLog enables you to log time-based metadata against your audio and video files so you can enrich every second of your valuable content.

How MediaLog Works to Enrich Your Files

Search Results on MediaLog WorkSessionsCi’s all-new MediaLog app enables you to add descriptive details to your audio and video files using log entries. Log entries consist of term names, descriptions and labels – all 100% search ready. Entries can be drag-and-dropped directly onto the timeline and intuitively grouped together for easier visualization and management.

To ensure that terms are used consistently, “term templates” can be pre-configured across your Workspaces. These templates help standardize log entries across the Network, enable faster logging, and ultimately make sure that all pertinent files are discoverable in the future.

Like Ci’s VideoReview and ImageReview apps, inviting external members into a MediaLog session is as easy as selecting the files you want to log from your Workspace and sending an email invite to your collaborators. Invitees do not have to be Workspace members to view or add log entries in a MediaLog session. Once your content is uploaded to Ci, access to a web browser is all you need to make remote logging a reality!

Part of our mission at Ci is to enable companies to leverage the scalability and accessibility of the cloud to streamline time-consuming and manual tasks and eliminate geographic boundaries. The addition of the Ci MediaLog app is a huge step in helping your company turn your Ci Workspace into a full-fledged central repository for all your media content in the cloud.

Breakdown of the MediaLog App


Ci Team at IBC

Intelligent_Media_Services - Ci at IBC 2018

The Ci booth inside the Sony stand (13.A10) is the only place to get an exclusive preview of the new MediaLog app and a secret new feature that your editors will love. The Ci team will be located in the Intelligent Media Services area next to the 5K Crystal LED screen at the back of the Sony stand in the Elicium building. Be sure to stop by for a demo, ask questions about upcoming features or simply come say “hi!”

Learn more about Sony at IBC 2018 here.

Can’t make it to IBC but interested in learning more or seeing a preview of MediaLog? Contact our Customer Success team for a demo.



Yoshie Fujita
Marketing Communications Specialist for Ci (pronounced “see”) at Sony Electronics.