Introducing the Business Plan: Collaborate Better

Ci powers major Hollywood studios and large media companies in production, film, TV, news, and sports. We created scaled-down versions of our plans to tailor to the needs of independent content creators, small to medium businesses, and everyone in between.

But you told us that there is a need for an online plan between our Team plan and Enterprise offering. And we listened. Meet, Business Plan!

Let’s start with what the Business Plan includes:

  • Unlimited Team Workspaces
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • 1 TB Active Storage
  • 4 TB Archive Storage
  • Advanced file requests & sharing with watermarking
  • Collaborative review sessions
  • Custom branding
  • Usage analytics

Aside from expanded storage, the biggest difference with Team plan is unlocking a Company Network that includes unlimited Workspaces. You can think of your Network as a “house” and Workspaces as “rooms” inside the house. So you can spin up as many rooms as you need and invite as many people into each room. Remember, Workspace members have access to everything inside that “room” but not in rooms they don’t have access to.

Unlimited team members

Unlimited Workspaces

Who is the Business Plan for?

Business Plan was built for businesses and companies that work with rich media across multiple teams, departments, and clients. With unlimited members and Workspaces, it’s a way to keep your content and teams separate while managed under the same network. You can spin up as many Workspaces as you need, and set up separate teams and workflows within those Workspaces.

Here are some examples of how to make the most out of your Business Plan:

Marketing & Brand Teams

Let’s say you work in-house and manage your Brand’s content. Multiple campaigns, projects, teams, and external partners or agencies may exist. You can set up a Workspace for each campaign or break them out by product or service. Remember, you can create folders and subfolders within each space to organize your content.

Sharing feedback or requesting deliverables from in-house or agencies is easy, streamlined, and all in one place.

Let’s look at an example. A brand might have a major product launch, and you have a lot of sensitive content built around the announcement. You can create a separate Workspace to store the files and invite only crucial members to the space. Let’s say you need to share this sensitive content. You can share a secure MediaBox that requires recipients to log in to open the link. Need more security? Disable download for a preview-only experience and enable watermarking to further protect your assets. Once the campaign launches, you can move the final assets into your team’s shared Workspace.

Creative, Ad & Marketing Agencies

You may work at a creative, marketing, or advertising agency and produce videos and photos for multiple clients. You have a vast library of rich media (with really large files!), and the need to collaborate with different account teams internally and simultaneously need client review or approval on deliverables.

With a Business Plan, you can create separate Workspaces for each client team and invite client stakeholders directly into your Workspace. Your clients will never see the work you do for your other clients. You can also set up Workspaces per verticals, industries, or services.

MediaBoxes with commenting and VideoReview are your best friends. You can quickly and easily send large files (or proxies) to clients for review, eliminating the download > upload > download >upload cycle. You can simply send a MediaBox share link to clients with commenting enabled to request feedback on-frame for images and videos and across a time-range for videos. If you have the most discerning clients, you can invite them into a VideoReview to get instant, annotated and frame-specifc feedback without all the back and forth. The best part? Your clients don’t have to download a thing! The content is browser-viewable no matter the original file size.

Video Production Companies

All video, all the time. So many clients, so many projects, so little time.

You work with internal and external editors, post-production, and clients on the daily. With Business Plan, you can set up Workspaces for every department, for individual clients you work with, for every project, or every vendor.

As a video production company, you have hours upon hours of footage and a catalog of finished work. Did you know Ci offers built-in long-term storage? We call it archive storage and you can push your content “down” into archive to free up your active storage in just a few clicks. Archived files are still completely interactive, so you can preview, review, send proxies, clip, and comment.

Did we mention that you can search files across all Workspaces? If you are looking for an archived client project from 2 years ago, just pull a search and look for anything – be it metadata, shoot location, timed-text, client name, project name, filetype, and more. Ci can turn around results in seconds, searching across your entire library at the Network level. You won’t need to spend hours searching for an obscure project or file.

If you need to make edits to the archived file you found, you can simply restore from archive in just a few clicks and download the original file.

These are just a few examples, but Business Plan works well for any organization with multiple teams working with rich media files. Read more about ways to leverage Team Workspace structure.

Business Plan is available as an off-the-shelf offering at $249 USD per month. Get up and running in minutes with no implementation. Plus, you’re never locked into an annual contract, since we have month-to-month subscriptions.

Have a question or need a demo? Reach out anytime.