Ci Workspace Updates – Winter 2016

Last quarter, we expanded the power of Ci with an all new Ci Mobile app and unveiled the File Elements feature formerly only available as a BETA feature. Read on to learn about all the latest features we added to Ci Workspace in the past few months.


File Elements - Preview Proxies

The File Elements feature is finally out of BETA! File Elements lets you see the various “elements” generated by Ci or added to the file by other team members. Simply go to file preview and click on the File Elements [NEW] tab next to Overview.

File Elements include (but are not limited to):

  • Original Source: this is the original source file uploaded to Ci Workspace
  • Preview Files: Standard preview proxy at SD quality (540p); For Company Network customers only premium preview proxies are also available at HD quality (720p, 1080p and high bitrate)
  • Source Cover Element: Cover Image for thumbnails
    *Custom thumbnails can be uploaded here too!
  • Thumbnail Elements: Small, medium, and large thumbnail images
  • Additional Files: Allows you to upload your own custom supporting files (Think: artwork, QC reports, scripts, creative briefs) that can be bundled with the uploaded file

PRO-TIP: Improve productivity by checking the “Allow Preview elements download” when sending your MediaBox. This enables the recipient to directly download just the preview elements they need.


Ci Mobile app 2_1Since the launch of the Ci Mobile app last February, you told us you want the ability to send MediaBoxes from your mobile device. The all new Ci Mobile 2.1 now allows you to send secure, protected, or public MediaBoxes and even enable download to recipients . You can also monitor activity for all of your Ci Workspaces with an all new Activity Stream view. And finally, do some Ci Workspace housekeeping with an all new Trash bin to purge your storage space or restore files back from your Trash to its original Workspace.

Learn more about Ci Mobile 2.1 now available in the iOS App store:




Scrub Thumbnail in Ci WorkspaceHave you noticed that red line when you hover over your thumbnails?

We’ve enabled scrub-able thumbnails so now you can quickly determine if you selected the right file without playing back the video.


…And here are the rest of the updates across Ci:

  • Released a legion of Ci monsters as default avatars
  • Added “save as my default settings” option for MediaBox
  • Added a contact list in account management
  • Condensed and drag-able file panel in VideoReview
  • Enabled upload via FTP transfer
  • Added “jump back” button in VideoReview


We at Ci want to make your life better by improving our product to encourage collaboration, shorten turn-around times, and increase productivity. If you have any suggestions or comments on how we could improve Ci Workspace even more, let us know by contacting us here. We always want to hear how we can make your Ci Workspace experience better!