Ci Workspace Updates – Fall Edition

Since Ci Workspace 2.0 went live in July, we’ve been adjusting and tweaking the UX, and threw in some sweet feature updates too. Here’s a quick summary of everything new!


All New Ci DashboardCi fans: “Our team sets up a new Workspace for each new project, can you make it easier to find my most frequently used Workspaces?” 
Ci team: “Your wish is our command.” (Deploys Pinned Workspaces)

Now, you can ‘Pin’ your most frequently used Workspaces for faster and easier access!

Speaking of faster access, we’ve also made improvements under the hood to make loading time faster so you should feel a snappier, faster experience.

PRO-TIP: Pin all Workspaces you access daily and minimize all other Company Networks (just click the carrot next to the Network name) for a streamlined Dashboard.




CustomMBExpirationUsing Ci MediaBoxes to send promo materials with set end dates? With the updated MediaBox expiration module, you can now see and set the exact date and time you want your MediaBox to expire.

Let’s say your distribution term is extended – why bother creating a new MediaBox? Simply go back to Edit MediaBox and select the month, year, date, and time and update!

And, did you know you can now access the secure MediaBoxes you received right in Ci? Forget digging through your email inbox, just click on the MediaBoxes dropdown menu in any Workspace and select “View all MediaBoxes.” Received MediaBoxes is just above Sent MediaBoxes on the left side bar.




Ci Workspace Filmstrip ViewTo all of you live event production folks – ever dump your dailies into Ci and found the thumbnails to be identical? We heard singular thumbnails just aren’t good enough when you have multiple clips shot from the exact same angle.

The good news is all video files are now available in the new filmstrip view. Enter your Ci Workspace and click on VIDEOS [NEW] in the left side bar to see all video files in a filmstrip.

This is still a BETA feature so let us know how we can improve this view!




…And here are the rest of the updates across Ci.

  • Improved “people picker” drop-down menu across Ci Workspace, MediaBoxes and WorkSessions
  • Added a thumbnail graphic for mp3 files (so the file doesn’t look so ominous)
  • WorkSessions will turn red when the due date is less than 7 days
  • Support for Aspera Connect 3.6.1



Have suggestions or comments on how we could improve Ci Workspace even more? Do you have a great idea for an app or feature? Contact us here. We want to hear how we can make your Ci experience better!