If you visited us at the IBC booth this year, you probably saw a demo of the MediaLog app and also heard about another game-changing feature we released, the Ci Workspace panel for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC. The new panel is available on the Adobe Exchange site. It lets Premiere Pro users interact with files in your Ci Workspaces, all from within Premiere Pro. Read on to learn all about this new integration that your editors will love.

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Go to Adobe Exchange to install the Workspace panel for Premiere Pro now:

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For complete step-by-step instructions on how to use Workspace panel for Premiere Pro

Read the user guide button-small.jpg

Camera to Post, Even Faster

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With the new Ci panel, users can simply log in to Ci to access all the files in your Workspaces without ever leaving the Premiere environment. Whether you use Premiere Pro on a desktop or smaller screens like tablets, we’ve redesigned the interface to maximize your experience.

Finding the right files to import is a breeze with Ci’s powerful search capabilities – allowing you to find files across multiple Workspaces using filenames and metadata.

Direct Import to Premiere Pro Project Bins

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And what good does access to cloud-stored files do without being able to import them into your favorite editing suite?

With the new Ci panel, you can seamlessly import files to Premiere project bins. Simply right-click on the file you want to import and select “Import to Premiere” from the drop-down menu. You can get files into your project bin in just two clicks!


Import Proxies to Start Editing Sooner

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Why wait to download a massive video file when you can start editing even faster by importing a smaller file to your project bin? Ci automatically transcodes smaller preview proxies when files are uploaded so you can shave off that non-creative time spent transferring files. Simply right-click the file you want to edit and select “Elements” from the drop-down menu to see the proxies available for import.


Upload from Premiere Pro to Ci

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Once edits are done, you can render completed sequences in the format you need – use a preset or custom encoding profile in Adobe Media Encoder. To upload sequences, bins or projects files, simply click “Add Item” in the Ci panel.


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Upload a bin: Use this option if you use bins to organize your clips in Premiere. Bins uploaded from Premiere will retain folder structures in Ci.

Upload a sequence: Select this option to upload a sequence from your Premiere timeline to Ci. Chose the sequence you want to upload, then choose your render settings.

Upload a project: To upload the current Premiere project file, use this option.

Collaborate, Archive and More!

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As soon as your cut is uploaded to Ci Workspace, your file is ready for all the magical collaboration you love from Ci. Right from inside the Premiere panel, you can send a MediaBox to start sharing your latest sequences for review seamlessly.

By using the Ci panel for Premiere Pro, you can store projects in Ci where they will be safely archived for future use and accessible from anywhere you are with just access to an internet browser. Plus, you get all the bells and whistles of an enterprise-grade content management features including cloud-based archive, adding custom metadata, and custom proxy generation. Read the workspace panel for Premiere Pro user guide for detailed instructions on how to use the panel.

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