Ci Workspace 2.0 – Now Live!

We warned you this would be a big one. Read on to Ci all the goodies in Workspace 2.0.

Ci Workspace DashboardA DASHING DASHBOARD

We are psyched that some Ci users now have dozens of Workspace tiles lined up on their Dashboard, but we learned that looking for the correct Workspace tile isn’t easy without the right context.

To help these folks navigate better, we first gave our Workspace tiles a trim and added some structure to call out the Network context of the Workspaces. The slimmer tiles are now sorted into sections starting with your personal Network at the top, then listed alphabetically by Network name.


Fresher. Cleaner. Angular. Faster.

“We’ve been listening and have been working furiously under the hood to trim-out the fat, push pixels, to make it easier and faster to find, view and work with your content. A focused workflow has always been a goal of ours.  You’ll notice we’ve tidied-up our layout to create a more streamlined and intuitive experience where content is king!” -Darren Wong (Design Ci-fu)

Ci Workspace-Aspera ConnectASPERA CONNECT 3.6

If you use Aspera Connect for file transfers to Ci, the next time you login you will be prompted to upgrade to Aspera Connect 3.6. Our Customer Ambassador wishes we didn’t have to force this on you, but he explains our reasons why here. Unfortunately, this upgrade is mandatory to continue using Aspera file transfer so please expect to spend 5-10 minutes to download & install.

Ci Workspace PreviewFUNCTIONS GALORE


Multi-file preview is now live! Select multiple media files to quickly compare images and clips.

Not sure if you’re previewing the right video clip? Toggle between thumbnail view and single file preview, and once you confirm that you have the right file(s) you can take immediate action from the dropdown menu in the preview header bar. You have the power now.


Do you need to resend or edit the MediaBox you sent before lunch? How about last month? Access your most recently sent MediaBoxes from the new dropdown menu in the top header.

To see complete list of all MediaBoxes you’ve sent, simply click on View all MediaBoxes.


Farewell bottom bar…  Hello +Add Item button!

In the new Workspace 2.0 UX, look for the big blue +Add Item button found just under the global header to upload your media files and create new folders.


Thumbnails – Check.
List View – Check.

Well, why not have both? Now introducing a third view option for Ci Workspace: listed thumbnails!


Click on a file, and not only will the file information be displayed at the top of this panel, buttons for preview, favorite, download, and trash will appear just below. Plus, all buttons that are action-ready will be highlighted in blue – it’s like magic!


Did you know that in Workspace, you can now right click on a file? Available functions include: preview, favorite, delete, download, send a MediaBox or to another Workspace. You can even select files to launch into one of you favorite WorkSessions!

Ci Workspace-Visual WatermarkingPROTECT VIDEOS WITH A WATERMARK

Need to remind your MediaBox recipients to handle your videos with care? Use our video watermarking feature to protect your videos by reminding your viewers their activity is tracked and to avoid viewing in a public area (airports, coffee shops) to discourage non-authorized sharing of your videos. Use this feature to prevent your story and surprises from being spoiled!

Contact the Ci Customer Support team to get this PRO feature for your account today!