In 2018, Ci fans uploaded over 8 million files and 300,000 hours of media, transferred over 15 Petabytes of their most valuable content across the globe, shared over 275,000 MediaBoxes (which were opened 1.3 MILLION times), and collaborated virtually in tens of thousands of WorkSessions. As the year comes to a close, we’re taking a step back to reflect on some of the biggest, baddest new features we released this year. There are many more features, updates and improvements we made this year and you can read all about them on our  Product Updates page (note: sign-in required).

1. MediaLog Beta app*

* Only available for users on Company Network plans

Blog_Post_Background_1920x1080One of the monumental updates this year (that barely made the cut having just been released in December) was the introduction of MediaLog, the browser-based media logging app that we added to the Ci portfolio. This ‘easy to use’, ‘easy to set up’ app packs a powerful punch enabling users to enrich video files with timecode-based data and then make that data searchable by other Workspace users. Pre-configurable term templates, a user-friendly logging interface along with Ci’s powerful search functionality as well as direct preview and clipping of log entries bring this to the top of our 2018 list.

Learn more about what MediaLog can do here.

2. LiveSessions

2018-04-03 Using Live Pen in VR LiveSessionA synchronized viewing experience and live on-frame notation are essential in order to have a truly seamless collaborative review session using a browser. LiveSession in VideoReview and ImageReview provides just that – a secure, cloud-based screening room experience for teams to work together in real time no matter where you are. Synced playback controls, effective on-frame commenting, and the live ‘laser pointer’ tool, Live Pen make this one of the most powerful collaboration features in Ci.

Read more about our LiveSession feature here.

3. Premiere Pro Panel

Search in Premiere Panel - WP resizedCreating a service to support video production workflows is deep in Ci’s DNA so we always wanted to enable a seamless experience for our editors. That’s why we were thrilled to announce the release of a Ci Workspace panel for Adobe Premiere Pro this year. Whether you’re importing source files or proxies from Ci to your Premiere project bins or uploading your latest cuts to Ci, the Ci Workspace panel integration showed the world that getting clips in and out of your favorite editing tool shouldn’t be a ‘production.’

Read about our Premiere Pro panel here.

4. “View-only” Access a.k.a. Shared Folders in MediaBox

2018-08-16 MediaBox Notes in MediaBox Access Page Cropped“Can I share just ‘part’ of my Workspace?” If there was a Top 10 Most Asked Questions of 2018 list this would definitely be #1. The long-requested “View Only” access for Ci is now a reality. With folder sharing in a MediaBox, Ci users can now share entire folder structures with external collaborators while easily controlling their level of access. The MediaBox is automatically updated anytime files are added or removed from shared folders. No more having to manually update MediaBoxes! It means you can provide secure and immediate access to anyone while still maintaining your content in one central location. Oh, and in case you missed it, you can also download entire folders from a MediaBox too.

To learn more about MediaBox folder sharing, read this.

5. Improved Network Management*

* Only available for users on Company Network plans

2018-04-03 Run Usage Report w Month Dropdown CroppedThis is more of an improvement than a new feature but absolutely one that has our larger enterprise customers very excited. To help better manage Team Workspaces across Company Networks, we added usage reports so Network Admins can get a clear picture of their monthly storage, upload, download, and streaming metrics. Members are easier to manage for Network Admins. We also introduced Network-wide distribution lists so you can collaborate faster. Most recently, we introduced Enterprise Network Management to enable our largest customers to combine the transparency they need with the delegated administration teams demand.

To upgrade to a Company Network plan and enable these new features, contact our Customer Success team.

While we’re proud of the progress our team has made, we know we would not be where we are without the love (and feedback) of fans like you. Thank you for the Ci love and if you have any comments or feedback for the team, please don’t hesitate to share it here. We already have lots of exciting features on the roadmap for 2019 so stay tuned to hear from us again soon. Cheers!

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