At Your Service

Creative professionals deserve creative solutions – backed by people who are just as passionate about their content as they are. Sony Media Cloud Services is built on cutting-edge technology, but it thrives on the passionate people who are at the heart of delivering solutions that help our customers maximize the potential of their projects. Let’s face it, customers need, or rather, they deserve someone who will listen to them, guide them and be attentive to their needs. That is where the Sony MCS Customer Service team comes in…

We are, in a nutshell, “at your service” (wave of hand and bow).

Through diversified channels of communication, we help our customers realize the full potential of our cloud-based tools and applications. We not only welcome, but seek direct interaction with our customers – because we understand that true collaboration is the only way we learn their needs and ultimately evolve our services. If you have a question and just want to email us, we’re here. Want an on-site meeting? Sounds good, we’re there. If you want to chat quickly online, great, we’re available. You think there’s a better way to do something? Awesome, let’s hear it! The Sony MCS Customer Service team is focused on delivering high quality service by being our customers’ advocate – every step of the way.

We continue to look further through the creative lens of servicing and supporting our global and mobile customers and have made it our mission and mantra to be available whenever, wherever and however they need us. We’re just getting started and there’s much to learn. But we’re here now, so relax, enjoy the products and let’s be creative together.

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