A Unique Vision

Coming from the world of Broadcast and Media, one of the things that I enjoy most about working for Sony is the extraordinary breadth and depth of the organization. With activities spanning the whole industry – from films, TV channels, production companies, online services, and music and games to consumer electronics, and broadcast hardware and software – it is easy to see why the company has been a leader in these areas for 35 years. If only we could put it all together – we’d be incredible!

Well – we can and we are. With cloud technology we can experiment in our own backyard and connect all the parts of the chain. We have the opportunity to become a game changer in terms of workflows and efficiencies that are rooted in solving challenges. We can offer disruptive new choices about how things can be done.

Although the world of the VTR is slowly receding, Sony’s aspiration to remain at the heart of the Broadcast and Media industry remains. The cloud lets us bring our expertise as a Studio, Broadcaster, Game Developer and Software/Hardware Manufacturer to a broader customer base across the industry and around the globe. The cloud gives us a chance to create a global set of tools for a global community that is not just efficient, but extraordinary.

Sony’s investment in Media Cloud Services strategically positions us to have all the tools we need to be a thought leader that drives the next evolution in content generation and sharing. We’ll take the best of Sony and connect it with the best of the industry with plans to become the ‘go to’ place for creative professionals.

We’ll start simply, with tools for securely storing, sharing and collaboratively reviewing huge and valuable content complemented by tools that leverage our video processing know-how with the compute power of the cloud to automate and simplify many of the time-consuming tasks of content preparation.

But our ambitions are big. We’ll grow and evolve our platform in response to the needs of the marketplace – so that we can offer tools that work for big companies and creative individuals. We’re armed with the best and brightest evil media geniuses out there and we’re full of wonderfully mad ideas!

This is only the beginning…

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