7 MediaBox Features You Need to Start Using

Whether you are a Ci basic, Pro, Team Workspace or Company Network user, you’ve likely sent or received a MediaBox or two. The simplicity of selecting files, packing a MediaBox and sharing with others for preview or download is one of the most beloved features in Ci. But did you know MediaBoxes are capable of so much more? Here’s a rundown of the features that will bring your MediaBox game to a whole new level.

* Only available to Ci PLUS, PRO and Team Workspace users.
** Only available to Company Network plans.

1. Add and Remove Files from a Sent MediaBox

update_mediabox_file_picker-croppedEver sent an email and forgot the attachment? With Ci’s MediaBoxes, you can simply edit your previously sent MediaBox and add any missed files. To update a MediaBox, go to MediaBoxes in the Navigation Panel. Then, select View All Sent from the MediaBoxes dropdown in the global header bar. Next, select the MediaBox you want to update and click Edit.

To view MediaBox content go to Show Content and select + Add Files to add or X to remove files. Once you’re done making changes, scroll down and select Update & Send Email to notify your recipients.

[PRO-TIP] Drag and drop files to reorder the MediaBox content so recipients can preview your files in the order it was meant to be viewed.

2. Branded MediaBoxes**

Custom Branding MediaBox EmailCompany Network customers have access to add-on custom branding to their Network, including MediaBoxes. This means you have more control over your brand identity and the first impression you make when sending MediaBoxes to clients and partners. Whether you set up network-wide branding or custom branding per Workspace, your custom branding elements will appear across the MediaBox access page as well as any notification emails.

Contact our Customer Support team for pricing on how to enable this custom branding add-on today!

3. Send MediaBoxes on the go with Ci Mobile

Ci Mobile MediaBoxIf you’re on a iOS device, be sure to download the Ci Mobile app from the iOS App store and send MediaBoxes on the go.

To send MediaBoxes from the Ci Mobile app, simply log in and enter the Workspace where the file is stored. Then, select the ellipses to display options and select Send a MediaBox. Select the files you want to send and tap Continue to set all your MediaBox options. When you’re done setting up the MediaBox, tap the Copy Link button to grab the URL on your clipboard.

Naturally, you can capture new footage on your iOS device or upload from your camera roll too!

[PRO-TIP] For more efficiency, fill in your recipient’s email address in the Recipients field and Ci will send a notification email with the MediaBox URL for you.

4. Track Deliveries and Activity*

Track Mediabox ActivityFriends share. Pros ship. That’s why you should be tracking your MediaBoxes.

Track MediaBoxes to get notified as soon as your MediaBox is accessed, viewed, or downloaded. Ci will also track geo-location information and IP addresses so you know exactly who is accessing your MediaBox from where.

Upgrade to a Plus, Pro, or Team Workspace plan to work smarter, ship faster and deliver your work with peace of mind.

5. Manage Sent & Received MediaBoxes

Sent Received MediaBox ManagementJump to the My MediaBoxes view to see all MediaBoxes sent AND received since the beginning of time! Sort by Active / Inactive, MediaBox Title, Latest Activity, Expiration Date and Creation Date.

Attention Pro users: Sort by Owner is coming soon!

6. Secure your MediaBox with Visual Watermarking**

warningwatermarkedcontentMediaBoxes can even help protect your video content with our visual watermarking feature. Discourage unauthorized sharing of your videos by reminding recipients that their activity is tracked and to avoid viewing in a public area (like airports and coffee shops).

To further protect your high-value content, Ci disables download of all original source files and its preview proxies for MediaBoxes containing videos with watermarking. Use this feature to prevent your story and surprises from being spoiled!

Contact our Customer Support team to upgrade to a Company Network plan and add this feature today.

7. Send Smaller (or Larger) Preview Elements*

Ci Premium Preview ProxiesImagine your producer is boarding a 10-hour flight and you need them to download and preview your latest cut. Don’t waste time transcoding your prores file into a 3G-capable proxy.

Upgrade to a PRO or higher plan so anytime you upload videos into Ci, we automatically create all of these File Elements for you! To share these elements, simply select the “enable download of Preview elements.” This feature enables recipients to download smaller preview elements so they can quickly preview files even over lousy airport WiFi.

Want smaller files but still need HD or higher quality preview proxies? Contact our Customer Support team for pricing on how to enable Premium Elements to your account.

Want to boost your MediaBox functionality?

Think you need to upgrade to a Team Workspace or Company Network plan? Learn about which features and pricing will work best for your workflow by contacting our Ci customer support team here.